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Lightweight Phat Pants

Kikwear wanted to create a new style rave phat pant that could be worn all year and in every condition. We couldn't use heavy denim, and we couldn't use that "plastic" fabric other brands use. We threw out everything out the window and started from scratch. These had to be epic.

After testing hundreds of fabrics for breathability, durability, texture, and feel we are pretty sure we've found one of the most comfortable fabrics on the planet. We've teamed that up with a selection of reflective piping and unique cuts that your going to love. These limited edition designs won't be around forever and colors will always be limited to keep things fresh.

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40509 Microsuede Cargo Short Kikwear 23" twill pants in pewter green with dtm stitching. Kikwear 23" twill pants in khaki with dtm stitching.
Microsuede Cargo Short
Our Price: $36.99
White 20" Glowstick Ninja Cargo Pants White 23" Double Mesh Cargo Dance Pants Kikwear 23" Microsuede cargo pants in white with black stitching.